What We Do ?

Qatar Charity Indonesia (QCI) focuses on strengthening human development by assisting needy communities and vulnerable people in building their own capacities and sustainable livelihoods. The core programs are Childcare, Women & Family; Income Generating Activities; Education & Culture; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; and Prepardness &  Emergency Response.

Project Implementation Process


Children, Women & Family
Under this program, Qatar Charity Indonesia (QCI) has launched, maintained and institutionalized many activities which are centered on children, women and the family. The objective is to provide access to basic needs of poor and vulnerable families, orphans and malnourished children.

Education & Culture
QCI runs education & culture program that aims at participating in achieving “universal primary education” as stated by Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) “ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling”. It supports Indonesian effort and policies of education accessibility.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
The objective of the water and sanitation program is to increase access of poor and vulnerable communities to clean water for better health and sanitation.  In 2011,  in order to maximize the benefit people get from this program, QCI creates an integrated program consist of three activities: water supply, sanitation facilities, and hygiene promotion.


Income Generating Activities
Income Generating Activities is one of the important programs for QCI since it brings positive impacts to community in increasing their regular income and productivity. The aims of this program is to improve the productivity of poor families, assisting them in adding to the regular income, and participate in reducing poverty in Indonesia. The program implemented in two ways;  direct implementation by QCI office and indirect one through local partners such as  Dompet Dhuafa, Rumah Zakat, PKPU, and LPPM STEI Tazkia.

Access to health services is still hampered, in some areas, by the lack of appropriate infrastructure. To help people access to affordable health services, QCI cooperates with local organizations providing health services but lacking of appropriate facilities. To contribute to increasing their capacities in health care and improving their services, QCI builds clinics for local partners to serve as community health centers.

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response program of QCI aims at providing immediate assistance to maintain life,  improve health and support the morale of the affected population. In conducting this program, QCI takes into consideration two important points: first, that all possible steps should be taken to alleviate human suffering arising out of calamity and conflict, and second, that those affected by disaster have a right to life with dignity and therefore a right to be assisted.

Indonesia Office

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