Country Director Paid Series Of Visits To Several Projects

Country Director of QCI visited several projects in Yogyakarta, Central Java and Timor Leste during 17 – 28 May 2014. The visits started from Dili, Timor Leste, on 17-18 May, where the Country Director involved in out door and in door capacity building activities with training participants. Other important agendas done were dinner with some project stakeholders and partners and visit the completion of construction and procurement projects of An-Nur school in Campo Alor, Dili.

The next visit on 20 May took place at Islamic boarding schools of Sabilul Khoirot and Imam Syuhodo which are, respectively, located in Tengaran, Semarang regency and Pulokarto, Sukoharjo regency, Central Java province.  The Country Director and Program Manager witnessed the excellent development and progress achieved by both education institutions following the physical assistance provided by Qatar Charity more than three years ago.  


On 28 – 29 May, Country Director and Program Manager visited two old construction projects in Yogyakarta and Central Java, and met orphans supported by QCI. The first project visited was Markaz At Tarahum, a multifunction center, on 28 May. It has been transforming into a rapidly progressive international school named SDIT Internasional Lukmanul Hakim,  in Bantul, Yogyakarta.  

Subsequently, both paid a visit to a mosque built by QCI in Sleman regency. In the night, they gathered with people of Taruban Kulon, Tuksono Sentolo, Kulon Progo, in Nurul Haramain mosque which was completely constructed by QCI in 2010. 

The next day (29/5), they met orphans and their parents or guardians at Brajan mosque which is located in Brajan, Wonokromo, Pleret, Bantul.  The series of visits were ended up at Al ‘Araaf mosque in Kauman, Tonggalan, Klaten, Central Java. This mosque was established by QCI in 2009. 

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