A Series of Hygiene Promotion Began in Banten

QCI started its hygiene promotion activities as part of Madrasah Sehat project on Thursday, July 26, 2012. Located at Al Istam Islamic Junior High School, West Serang, Banten, this activity was held in collaboration with Section of Public Health Counselling Provincial Health Office of Banten.

A number of 30 students and teachers attended and participated in 2 hours of counseling provided by Mahmud, SE, Section Chief of Public Health Counselling Provincial Health Office of Banten. Essentially, he spoke about eight indicators of clean and healthy behaviors (PHBs) in the school / madrasah as prescribed by the Ministry of Health, 1) Wash hands with soap and water; 2) Have snack in clean and healthy school canteen; 3) Dispose waste in the right place; 4) Join sport activities at school; 5) Measure body weight and height; 6) Do not smoke; 7) Eliminate mosquito larvae in school, and 8) Defecate and urinate in school’s toilet.

In addition to Al Istam, a series of health promotion training, practice and monitoring will be held in 49 other madrassas in Banten. The aim is to ensure the madrassas and the targeted students have knowledge about a healthy environment.

“Madrasah Sehat" or healty Islamic school program involving 50 Islamic schools in the province of Banten was officially inaugurated on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. This 12-month program aims to increase participation of madrasa community, students and teachers, in developing and preserving a healthy school environment for the creation of comfort and smoothness of the learning process.

Each madrasa participating in this program of will be granted by the construction of clean water and sanitation facilities consisting of artesian well, electric water pump, water tank, three units of toilet and one hand washing station. In addition to physical development, health promotion training is also provided for students and teachers at each madrasa respectively. The training is carried out by cooperating with the Health Promotion Team of Banten’s Health Office.

The 50 madrasas were selected beneficiaries through a process of assessment on their feasibility of receiving aid. A total of 25 madrasas located in Lebak district, 7 in Tangerang district, 8 in Serang district, 6 in Pandeglang district, and 6 in Cilegon district.


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