Deep Well Project in West Serang

The difficulty of getting clean water for daily needs forces the villagers of Winong, Subdistrict of Mancak, West Serang, walking 300 metres down the hill towards a shallow well with turbid water. In addition to 4-5 meters deep wells mentioned before, there is other shallow well with oily water. This water is used by people for washing. Besides the lack of clean water facilities, the Village of Winong also does not have adequate sanitary facilities. Only three houses have latrines. To help the poor rural with 160 families, QCI has started drilling deep wells equipped with latrines and two water tank, each with a capacity of five thousand liters.

This assistance is aimed at supporting the improvement of public health and environmental hygiene. The existence of a feasible source of water with toilet facilities enables people to avoid diseases such as dysentery. Water from deep well that will be distributed to homes through pipes of course will result in efficiency and effectiveness in community activities. Distribution through pipes is a part of community participation in supporting the project of QCI in their village.

QCI also helps community to form a water committee consisting of various elements of society. This committee was formed to support the sustainability of project benefit and maintenance of the well. After all, the involvement of community makes the deep well  project not just a construction project, but sustainable development dan community empowerment project which is the main strategic program of QC in Indonesia.

Water resource for daily needs of Winong villagers

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